Seat Belt And Shoulder Harnesses

Smart Protection In Small Airplanes

We all enjoy the convenience, fun and safety of flying. We also understand that there may be time when our best efforts for safe flight will be inadequate, and an accident could happen.

While most accidents are minor and pose no significant risk to the airplane or its occupants, some can result in major injuries or fatalities. However, studies of serious accidents have shown that the proper use of shoulder harnesses, in addition to the safety belt, would reduce major injuries by 88 percent and reduce fatality by 20 percent.


Install Shoulder Harnesses In Your Airplane

Shoulder harnesses have been required for all seats in small airplane manufactured since December 12, 1986. If your airplane in not hem, you should obtain kits for installing shoulder harnesses from the manufacturer.

Use the restraint system

FAA regulation require the safety belts and shoulder harnesses be properly worn during takeoffs and landings.

Don't Forget the Children

Place them in a modern automobile child safety seats, which may be installed in the airplane seat. Install the safety seat in a rear airplane seat, but not near an entry door or emergency exit. If you must use a front airplane seat, make sure that the child seat cannot interfere with the airplane controls or limit pilot access to the radios and flight instruments.

The recommendations made in this brochure are based on research, conducted by the FAA Oklahoma City Oklahoma.




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